Beige Blond Hair Colour

Dear everyone, 

This time, we shows the yellowish-beige blond color!

The original hair color of this model had level 7, and she would like to level 9 and nice beige-blond hair colour, but she didn’t like ice or ash blond.


Do you know why many Japanese could not do hair color for western hair!? Because of that the theory of hair color in JAPAN is totally different from all over the world such as USA, England, all Europe, Australia, and so on.

Have look following color level chart, It is Japanese one. If you say level 9, it is so dark and dull. I guess Japanese hairdressers and color product companies have been studying ONLY black hair, so do not need to think about another hair color. However nowadays we have to study coloring for all type of hair.


So I am teaching about Western way of hair colour for the La YAMANO Ginza always studys the both of Japanese and European hair.


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